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A place to retreat for a little refreshment and encouragement

Simple Not Stressful

If you're looking for resources to simplify your life, check out my fellow hope*writer's site - https://simplenotstressful.com/blog/empty?fbclid=IwAR1iaVB01njyQ4UV6k4GPmUX7q7vrKyi6lLRvfRth6qki0Su8BCqvH7Yw_A

Daisy has an insightful blog and several other great resources. Enjoy!

At the Water's Edge

Noreen is a fellow blogger and hope*writer.  If you'd like to take trip to the beach today I encourage you to check out her website - http://www.noreensevret.com/

This section is a place to find resources for other great reads I have discovered along the way.  Enjoy!